YouTube strikes changes, YouTube is overhauling the way in which it doles out Community Guidelines strikes. Use of vidIQ Crack  is to be successful on YouTube is more than just the number of views ( views ). Actually there are so many things that can make someone’s YouTube channel successful. One of the best applications for achieving success on YouTube is getting started with vidIQ Crack , this is one of the chrome extensions to help YouTube’s for more views with vidIQ know the right and fast metrics, you only need to install this chrome extension and then you will see the right metrics to create content your video.

VidiIQ Vision for YouTube in my opinion is one of the Google chrome extensions that must be and must be owned by YouTube players. Why can I say obligatory? Because by installing vidIQ you will know your competitors’ video metrics or SEO. By knowing the metrics and SEO used by competitor videos, you can emulate and make videos that match themes with your competitors, starting from Title, Tags, Descriptions, We can also find out what current video trends are, then we can also find out what our competitors’ videos are monetized by third parties or not and there are still many other metrics that we can find out and try for ourselves.

By installing vidIQ you can find Metrics:

  • vidIQ Score
  • Average Watch Time
  • Facebook Likes / Share / Comments
  • Tweets
  • Words Per Minute
  • Tags
  • Description Link Count
  • Description Word Count

By installing the vidIQ Vision extension there are other benefits :

  1. Helps you to research keywords or video keywords that you want to create or upload
  2. Easy to copy and paste annotation card
  3. Easily copy video tags in competitor videos to our videos etc.



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