3 Ways to Add a Sticky Widget to your WordPress Sidebar

A Fixed Widget or a Sticky widget comes handy in many occasions. When a particular element or a widget of your WordPress blog requires extra-attention “Sticky Widgets” are the best option. Sticky Widgets can be used for several purposes. Displaying Ad blocks Extra-attention to page elements Showcasing Upcoming even notification Anything that needs special care. Most the existing responsive WordPress themes do not come with a sticky element option,  which means […]

Sticky-Widget WordPress

Facebook Followers

How to convert all your Facebook friends to followers ?

We may have gathered a huge list of friends on Facebook, people we don’t know; at one point in your life you’d think that you’ll only need familiar people on your friend list. Another scenario is that, you need to turn a massive group of friends into followers, which is practically impossible once they’ve become your friends. However you can prevent the addition of new friends and convert them into […]

How to get a Verified Facebook Page ? All you need to know

Stop jumping after that link! right there, that link will not work because due to the flooded verification requests from all parts of the world Facebook has limited access to the verification form to certain countries such as US, Canada, and Australia which means you can access the form through a proxy service. Before leaping into the steps to get a verified blue tick for your page, we need to […]

Verified Facebook Page how to

Tips to get a Verified Page

18 Tips that you must follow to get your facebook page verified

We saw how we can manually verify our Facebook page with through the verification contact form. However, Facebook doesn’t support verification requests for other types of Pages (ex: businesses, brands, organizations). These pages are verified automatically, Facebook will contact these businesses either through a contact number or a direct message to your Admin, Page. Pages which represents Celebrities, public figures – sports, media, politics and entertainment, Artists, Famous Personalities, Models […]

Start your Own WordPress Blog

How to start a WordPress Website ?

So you have decided to build your own website ? Many people get inspired from their friends but believe me like every other job out there in the market, blogging is not the way to make easy money! But, Blogging is a way to make money at your convenience, let’s put this way. Blogging gives you a lot of freedom, you’re in total control. There are numerous advantages if you […]

What are the things you need to start your WordPress blog?

The process of setting up a WordPress blog begins from your wallet. You need to purchase domain name from any of the ICAAN certified domain registrars. To purchase domain and hosting your’ll either need a credit card or a debit card. Most of the hosting providers have WordPress Packages which will save you a chunk of cash. 1) BlueHost WordPress Hosting Plans 2) HostGator WordPress Hosting plans 3) GoDaddy WordPress […]

Things you need to set up a blog

Insert images sidebar

Two easy ways to add a clickable image on WordPress sidebar

We often need to display banners on our sidebar, while most of the Advertising companies give you the ready made code some advertisers will send you the banner alone. In that, most of the beginners would find it difficult if you’ve no prior coding knowledge. However, WordPres as always wanted to help people like you and me with no prior programming expertise. You can display a clickable image, banner, graphic […]